Know Your Ice Cream

Soft serve, Froyo or gelato…who knew there so many different kinds of frozen treats? One expects to study the menu at Starbucks to decipher the various coffees, but ice cream has just as many choices. Summertime and hot temperatures take people quickly into their favorite ice cream shops. Once there, they have some of these sweets to choose from.

Good Old-Fashioned Ice Cream :

This is still the favorite among ice cream enthusiasts. Our old standby is made with a little cream and lots of milk products. Manufacturers keep ice cream churned so that it doesn’t freeze in massive amounts. Many people fondly recall making ice cream at home, sitting on the churner as parents churned endlessly. This ice cream has an endless amount of flavors to choose from.

Philadelphia Style Ice Cream:

This is made with no eggs and no cream base, which makes it very robust style which manages to retain lightness. This ice cream is for those who like a little harder ice cream.

French Style Ice Cream:

Makers cook the egg yolk to create a silky, smooth finish. This luxurious dessert is enjoyed by patrons of many different places. If you prefer a softer version of ice cream, this is the choice for you.


This favorite Italian dessert is just another version of the standard ice cream. It may have milk or it may not. This ice cream is not as sweet as ice cream found in the United States.


Fans of this treat know that its name means “half-churned.” However, the mixture of cream and custard is not churned, but rather it is frozen in a large pan and then sliced to serve.

Ice Milk:

this is a low calorie, lower fat version of ice cream. The consistency is less creamy than other frozen desserts. Many dieters like this choice when they are counting calories.


This particular type of ice cream is made with fruit juice, water or wine and can be done with gelatine and milk. Egg whites are also often used in this recipe. Flavors include lime, orange, and rainbow.


Chefs often use sorbet as an agent to clean the palate between course items. A real sorbet does not use milk or eggs but mainly vegan ingredients. The consistency is light and refreshing.


They are sometimes known as “ices” because of the Italian method of shaving flavored ices.Instead of churning, the granita is crushed with a fork, and one is left with a frozen, light treat that can be “slushy.” These ices come in a variety of flavors such as fruit or other ingredients. Granita is a portable treat that is often popular at carnivals and fairs.

Frozen Yogurt:

This is a combination of yogurt with other milk products. It tends to be less sweet than regular ice cream, but it also has less fat, which makes it a healthy choice for many. It comes in a wide variety of flavors.

Bombe Ice Cream:

This is a unique type of milk that is frozen using a mold. Molds can be shaped as domes or other forms. Fruit and other things can be added as an impressive way to end a meal. The French perfected this treat hundreds of years ago.


So, as you can see, there are many different types of ice cream. Choices of flavors are endless, and new ones are being invented every day. Adults to little children count ice cream as their favorite dessert. Everyone has their favorite consistencies and denseness. Ice cream can be eaten alone or served with other desserts, such as pies and cobblers to enhance the richness. Some people enjoy ice cream treats such as floats, which is ice cream added to a favorite soda. Other desserts such as banana splits and sundaes use ice cream as a component. The youngest fans of ice cream demand ice cream sandwiches, nutty – butty cones of ice cream and even ice cream on their breakfast foods.

It doesn’t really matter how you like your ice cream because there is something for everyone. Young and old alike have made ice cream the enduring top choice for any time of the day. As new and strange types and flavors emerge constantly, this is one dessert you will never get tired of.

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