Choosing A Coffee Machine

There is no doubt that coffee is the most ordered drink in the world and it has been so for centuries. There are several fascinating varieties of coffee you can enjoy either at home or in a coffee shop. The difference in taste can be attributed to the different ways you brew and the machines used. Coffee consumption is increasing by leaps and bounds than any other product in the market. It is due to this reason that manufacturers of coffee machines are becoming more creative every day. The sale of coffee machines has also grown. So how do you make sure you choose the best machine in the market? Let’s have a look . Lets have a look at coffee machines 101 :

Standard espresso makers

A motor powered pump is one of the common coffee machines basics that should be available in your marker. This is what forces the exact level of water that’s necessary for one espresso through a thermos-block. The water is then heat straight away then forced through the gourmet coffee. This is a good consideration since the machine cranks out 10 to 19 bars of pressure.

If you are working on a tight budget or want a machine for home use, you should consider a more affordable pressure-machine that works approximately 3-5 bars of pressure. The good thing about choosing coffee machines that take ground coffee is that you will have a large selection of options. There are also many possibilities available for modest cost.

Bean-to-cup coffee machines

This is the best machine you should get if you would like to have the freshest coffee. In this case, you should get a bean-to-cup coffee machines that’s automatic. The machine makes brewing high quality coffee an easy task. You will simply add espresso beans and the machine will mill them for you. It will measure and tamp the required volume to make good coffee. All you need to do is press a button. Since the machine does all the hard work, you don’t need to make use of a porta filter. These machines are convenient to use and make good coffee.

Capsule coffee machines

Style is the other thing you should look for in a coffee machine. Capsule coffee makers are extremely fashionable. If you are a hi tech age group, this machine produces the best espresso for you. It also works for those who lead a busy lifestyle.

You should not mess around with good ground coffee when you have this machine. You merely place in a pre-packaged container of coffee to the device then press a button and your espresso will be pushed out from the spout.

You should choose a capsule coffee machine because it has a system that’s user friendly and gives you nice and clean coffee. You should also check the reviews of the machine before you can buy it since the quality may differ.

Other things to consider

Weight and size

These are the two features of your coffee machine that should be in mind before you buy one. A number of Nuova Simonelli coffee machines have been manufactured to fit your conventional kitchen. So have a look at where you are planning to keep your machine. A coffee machine that’s going to be stowed away should always be light in weight so that anyone in the house can carry it comfortable. If you buy a large model, make sure the seller offers you home delivery just to be free from damages.

Drip trays

If you love coffee but doesn’t know how to choose a coffee maker, at least make sure the drip trays are not complicated. They should be easy to raise up and lift off. For high quality all the time, make sure the stainless trays are cleaned and polished all the time.

Stiffness of porta filtration system

Are you able to fit ad take out the coffee machine’s porta filter without straining? This is one component you should check while in store. If you think you will find it hard using the porta filter, then a capsule coffeemaker will be the best option.


If you love your cup of coffee on occasions, the capacity of your marker should be something to this case, you will need pods or capsules. They are actually practical since they make you measure at a time and keep fresh for long.

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