Brewed Versus Dripping: Which Is The Best for You?

Do you simply love coffee but you struggle to make coffee shop quality at home? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people have a hard time preparing that perfect cup of coffee simply because they lack knowledge. Today we are going to learn more about two of the most common ways to prepare coffee at home. We are going to compare and contrast the differences between dripping and brewed coffee. Then we are going to choose which one is the best for making the best tasting coffee at home.

Dripping Versus Brewed What’s the Difference

Dripping coffee is the most common way to prepare coffee from home. Many of you probably have a drip coffee machine sitting on your kitchen counter right now. This easy to use machine can be preloaded the night before with ground coffee and water. Depending on your drip coffee machine, some can even be set to turn on by themselves. This is great for those who are busy and need their coffee ready the second they wake up. But is this method the best? Does dripped coffee have the best taste or is there another better way to make coffee at home?


Brewed coffee is a method that takes more time and effort to achieve. You simply can’t put brewed coffee in a machine and have it ready when you wake up. While this is a deal breaker for those who are in a rush in the morning, if you like coffee that tastes better, you will make the time. Drinking coffee is more than just the rush you get from the caffeine but rather the way it tastes and how the experience makes you feel. The process of brewing coffee starts with grinding your own coffee beans. Then you have to prepare your freshly ground coffee by placing it in a traditional coffee press. Once inside the press, hot water is added and the coffee is allowed to steep. Once ready, the now liquid coffee is pressed out into your cup. This process takes at least 30 minutes, but the taste of the coffee is well worth the time it takes. Brewed coffee is more of an art than a process, and it will take you some time to learn how to do it right. Once you have learned it, you will not want to go back to dripped coffee. But if you simply don’t have the time for brewed coffee, there are still some things that you can do to improve your dripped coffee.


Dripped Coffee Is Great for Those On the Go

If you don’t have the time to brew your own coffee, then the next best alternative is to drip your coffee. But you can do something to make your dripped coffee better. Instead of using store bought ground coffee, why not grind the beans yourself? This can be done the night before and added to your drip machine. By taking the little extra time that it takes to grind your own coffee, you will be able to have fresher tasting coffee. This is a simple trick that anyone can do and it is a great way to improve the coffee drinking experience even if you are in a rush in the mornings. Another quick tip that will help your drip coffee taste better is by cleaning your drip machine out at least once every week. To do so, run some white vinegar through the machine just like you would if you were making coffee. But you do not have to place a filter in the machine to clean it. This will get rid of that burnt coffee smell that we all grow to hate.


If You Have the Time Brewed Coffee Is Best

Let’s face it if you are the type of person that jumps out of bed at the last minute and rushes to get ready for work, then brewed coffee is not for you. But if you can change the way you get ready for work in the morning and make some time to brew some coffee, you will be well rewarded. Brewed coffee is hands down the best way to prepare coffee from home, and it tastes far better than dripped coffee. So if you have the time brew your coffee from freshly ground beans, you will be rewarded with the best coffee you have ever had.

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